miércoles, marzo 02, 2011

Prueba de social compare

gracias a mi lista de visualizadores de datos, he dado con un servicio interesante: www.socialcompare.com. Es muy probable que no sea la última vez que lo uso, porque es bastante útil para comparativas. Desgraciadamente, el ancho no ajusta como yo quisiera, pero siempre está la opción de verlo a pantalla completa y usarlo a pleno rendimiento.

Pulsad en el botón Graphic View (el de las barritas dentro de un círculo, parte superior derecha de la pantalla), y podréis ver la comparación de tamaños, que se apilará con el control "stacked view".

Aún lo estoy probando (para refrescar la cabeza mientras re-redacto un apartado de "el libro"), así que me queda bastante por descubrir del invento. Sobre todo la parte social, que o es un purparlé o tiene que valer para algo

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  1. Hello Juan,
    I hope you understand English, since unfortunately I do not know how to write in spanish...
    I just want to let you know that maybe you could try the "compact" embed style version, to see more the comparison table on your blog.
    You can edit or add/remove/move columns/lines when you create a new comparison as you did.
    Moreover since you seem interested by the visualization part of the project, you need to know that we have launched the visual sizes comparison tool as an independant one (see our blog post) : http://socialcompare.com/en/tools/compare-sizes

  2. Hey, socialcomparators, thanks for commenting!

    First of all, I would advice you to use Google translator En-Es. Its results aren't perfect, but they are readable and understandable. It's some levels better that "all your bases belong to us" and all that stuff.

    I considered to use compact style, but I didn't know that there was an independent visual comparison tool. Sounds brilliant: for instance, when in 2010 I knew about dell streak, I made a polyestirene model with the dimensions of the device.

    I can assure you that I am going to continue using socialcompare in this blog. Any advice about it would be welcome, since I'm not going to change its template for now and if I can improve the inclusion of embedded socialcomparison it would be nice.

    Finally, I am curious about how you find this post. Did you use twitter alerts or what?



  3. Hello Juan,
    Thanks for your advice, I have used google translate to understand what you have written... but I was not enough confident to translate my comment... because the translation is not perfect.. (you can notice it when you translate your post in english...).
    We really need to translate SocialCompare for spanish users now, since you are not the only one ;)
    Concerning the embed version, you need to use "compact" when the space is limited, then you can create smaller "versions" of the same full comparison with less items to compare (with "save as").. it will reuse same data...
    Finally I have noticed your post because I have seen your blog url in our Google analytics stats today..

    Best regards,

  4. I would say that your service is truly innovative. Is both fun and illustrative to make comparisons in such a quick and easy way.

    But yes, a translation is a must if you want to adquire presence in the Spanish Market. More and more Spanish-speakers feel confident using English, but we are still a minority.

    Finally, my blog is quite common in its template. A lot of different sites use a main column of, let's say, 500px or less. Your solution for such restriction works, but maybe it could be improve with a font size control in the embedded code. Or maybe an orientation option that could replace files with columns.

    Best regards,


  5. Actually you can already almost customize everything of the embed table ("compact" style is only part of a predefined style list to help non-geek guys to have quickly some differents styles), here you have some details about the way to do it (your own style... font size...): http://blog.socialcompare.com/2010/12/08/customize-the-embed-comparison-table/

    Then, I am not sure I understood what you say about "replace files with columns"... but I guess that you want to rotate the table, and it is also possible (rotate icon appears on the top left corner of the table).. you need to save the table in this position to be able to embed it like that into your blog (either with "save" to save the current version or "save as" if you need another version).

    Best regards,


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